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2019 Recap ♡

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Can't quite believe another year has flown past like that. 2019, it's been a very bitter sweet year for the both of us. We've had the best year in terms of making memories and completing goals, it's really shocked us how much we have achieved in eight months of blogging.

Although we have been very quiet these past two months or so, there is no way we will be giving this up any time soon, we have so much more to provide and we're so grateful to have been able to voice our opinions and share personal stories on our very own platform. Looking back on it all, it's crazy to think how much we've actually accomplished, professionally and personally.

We first started talking about creating a blog in late 2018 and we started to come up with these creative ideas and just bouncing off each other, it was so fun and exciting but we never really finalized anything. It took us a while to actually pluck up the courage to create our website; the following year to be exact. An old contact had got in touch at the right time and invited us down to an event in Liverpool and we just thought it was the perfect opportunity to get our blog up and running. This had finally gave us the kick up the ass we always needed because from that moment we became so focused and we were beginning to see our plans come to fruition. 12th of June 2019, Happy Hour Thoughts was born and what a ride it has been since.

Attending that first event in Liverpool opened up a lot of doors for us as we continued to be invited to several events (some of which we couldn't attend) in exchange for a post on our blog. For a new blog, we were bringing in quite a few views which continued to surprise us every time we uploaded. I remember Abbi spoke to a web designer one time and he was in shock at how much traffic we were bringing in considering we had only been doing this for a short period of time.

Within the first two months of blogging, we received our first ever paid advertisement which is something we hadn't ever discussed before, we were just doing this for fun so it was completely unexpected. We were so grateful, it was really exciting to see our blog actually making moves and I suppose it proved our content isn't all that bad lol.

In October, we decided to share something very personal and this is our first post back since sharing that. We really wanted to give that post the attention it deserved but also wanted to give ourselves a little break and focus on our personal lives. We got slightly deep and wrote about things that are hard to talk about. It's so crazy sharing something like that and still living in it and trying to deal with it on a daily basis. We didn't even want to post it to begin with but the feedback has been so nice, we can't thank everyone enough for reaching out and just being so sweet about it.

This year has definitely been an eye opener, as much joy as it has brought us, it's definitely taught us a lesson or two. Having said that, we have made this year the start of something amazing and we can't wait to continue it into the New Year. Thank you for always reading and not getting bored with us, we can't wait to see what 2020 has in store for us and we hope you stick around to find out also. Hope everyone has the best New Year's, stay safe, lots of love x

Until next year....


Love Ab & Chlo x

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