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A Movie/Programme For Every Mood!

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

The recent rainy days made us inspired to do a post about those days when you're stuck inside, on the sofa with a cup of tea and a blanket and not sure what to stick on the TV. Not to worry, just think about how you feel and we'll help you decide!

Most of these we got from Netflix, but I'm sure you can find them on other places like Now TV and Amazon Prime etc. Let us know some of your personal favourites, we're both massive Netflix watchers, so we're always looking for new programmes/films to give a go!


If you want to laugh...

This programme is perfect for those days where you're not sure what you fancy watching but you know you want something lighthearted and fun! A British comedy based on a couple, Gavin and Stacey. One from Essex and the other from Barry, Wales…approximately 200 miles away from each other would you believe. It follows their journey of love, marriage and family. It’s one our personal favourites and we’ve already watched it at least three times this year as it is. Definitely recommend watching it with a good old brew and a mate.


An obvious for those of you who are old enough to remember! Friends is and will always be a classic for those who are a fan of the infamous sayings produced from the show! For anyone who has been living under a rock and has absolutely no idea what Friends is, essentially it is a programme based on six friends who live in New York. It shows you the personal and professional struggles of each of them as they're quickly approaching their 30's. It's worth a watch for those who are bored of putting YouTube on in the background whilst they're getting ready, stick on Friends. You'll be laughing whilst doing your mascara (maybe, not great advice).


If you want a drama...

Reign is a period drama programme, based around the Mary Queen of Scots. I must say at first it didn’t take my fancy and took a while to get into but once I got into it, I was hooked! Based on politics, romance, family, battle and more it has everything to ensure anyone can enjoy it.

It may not be as popular and well known as the other programmes/films mentioned today, but it certainly ticked many of my boxes. I've got to mention that it is not historically accurate, so no it isn't true although the figure of Mary Queen of Scots is real. I would recommend if anyone needs a new drama to get into and wants one that has a bit of everything in it. It may not be for everyone and that is fine, but give it a chance. You might just be surprised!


If you want to cry...

All we've got to say is Nicholas Sparks wrote the book that this film is based on. What a genius. I just couldn’t believe the end of this film…pure heartbreak. But what a great story line, it follows the story of Dawson and Amanda who fell in love as teenagers at high-school, but find themselves reunited 20 years later.. The film transitions between current day and their sweetheart romance. It certainly made me want to fall in love and find my Dawson...however, the end is heartbreaking and it gets me EVERY time! But what a beautiful story of true love. It truly allows us to think of the choices we make in life and how they define us as individuals. Sit down and watch this with the girls with a bottle of wine or even your partner, I'm sure they'll be welling up. < We've linked the trailer if you fancy it.


Another one for those of you (like us) who enjoy a good cry to a film sometimes. Once again a beautiful story of true love and defining decisions. I just cannot express how well written the story line is for this movie, it's magic. For those of you who have never heard of the film it is essentially about a woman called Louisa who finds herself caring for a disabled man called Will. You guessed it, eventually they fell in love. But before any of that, Louisa shows Will that life is worth living and you can still experience a world of joy in a wheelchair. Emilia Clarke (plays Louisa) and Sam Claflin (plays Will) have amazing chemistry in the film and you can tell they really bonded as actors in order to make this film great. We've also attached the trailer to this film, as you don't want to miss the opportunity to watch it!


If you want to feel inspired...

Both of us absolutely adore this film, it is based upon a book that we have previously spoke about in one of our blogs (3 books that will open up your mind). This is incredible for those moments when you’re feeling demotivated and crappy about life. Whether it’s your work, studies, relationship, finances that’s getting you down then this one will be for you. Definitely has something for every situation. It talks you through 'the secret' of different avenues in life and how you, as an individual can make yourself successful through simple changes in life or routine.

Be sure to check out the trailer that we've linked or look on our previous blog post to know more about the secret itself!


If you want a soppy romance...

I'm sure those of you who binge watch Netflix would've certainly heard of this one. Released last summer, it is based upon a young girl called Lara who writes secret love letters to all the boys she's ever loved. Eventually they end up reaching those boys and one called Peter takes a fancy. It shows their journey from faking their relationship to actually falling in love. I've got to say this film is for those that love a cliche and a bit of a soppy romance, which you can cringe at. It's definitely one of those lighthearted movies you could watch whenever! It's one of those you could re-watch again in a few months and you wouldn't be too fussed that you already know the ending.

Once again, we've attached the trailer just in case it takes your fancy!


If you want to smile...

I'm sure a lot of people will know this film as it's a classic, definitely one of those films that will pick you up when you're feeling low. It's essentially about a thirteen year old girl called Jenna who wants to be popular. Feeling like a bit of an outsider, she wishes she could be thirty already and have her dream job and relationship. She basically wakes up in her thirty year old self completely unaware of how she got there and how she came to live this lavish lifestyle. Jenna learns a lot of lessons about herself along the way and it actually holds a beautiful message. It's a brilliant twist on the usual rom coms and not to mention it is absolutely hilarious and Jennifer Garner (Jenna) is just such a treat to watch. Yet another one of those films you can watch over again without it getting boring. Take a look at the trailer!


If you want a thriller...

So this is a new add to Netflix and oh my god! We don't really watch a lot of thriller/horror films but I thought I'd give it a watch because it looked pretty good on the trailer! Definitely worth the watch if you want to be freaked out. Let's just say, if I'm ever unlucky enough to lose my memory I will not be trusting anyone lol (not that I would remember this advice anyway). A woman called Jennifer gets into a car accident and wakes up with complete loss of memory, a man that is by her bedside (supposedly, Russel her husband) takes her home and 'helps' to regain the memory she is missing. On certain occasions, she is tormented by flashbacks of her accident and soon grows suspicious of Russell. I wont ruin it, but I bet you can get that Russell isn't actually Russell, her husband. I can't lie the ending wasn't amazing and it was predictable. But parts of the story line were clever and the filming at the beginning freaked me out a little!


If you want to watch a true story...

This could fall into many of the categories, but true story unfortunately is the truest of them all. An absolutely heartbreaking story of five teenage boys who are charged unjustly of a crime they didn't commit. It's only four episodes long so nothing too tedious, but it's so worth the watch! Personally, one of the most heartbreaking on the list, as they were only young boys are you can tell are not capable of committing the crime! It really makes you value life and how lucky most of us are to have a justice system which is fair. I think everyone should watch this series, regardless of age, heritage, gender... it's an eyeopener.

The trailer is attached again, give it a watch even if it doesn't seem your thing!


Sorry we couldn't attach the trailers to some of the older programmes, we couldn't find anything that really gave them justice!

Love Ab & Chlo x

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