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A Night In With Us *Lockdown Style*

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

To be completely honest if we were not in lockdown then we more than likely wouldn't be making this post, because getting a night off when you work in the hospitality industry is far and few between. But here we are, week 5 of lockdown and it's fair to see we've both managed to establish a pretty lush night routine that we thought would be nice to share.

I always love watching/reading these 'night in with us' posts because mostly I'm really nosey but other times I like to change up my routine, whether that's how I pamper myself or what I do with my night like binge watching a new netflix series, or a new meditation. So we thought for anyone who fancies a bit of a change or wants to include something new into their night, then here you go...it's probably not much but you never know lol!


A Night In With Ab:

I've really got used to getting into my pyjamas at 7pm and not really moving out of my room, so I have no idea how I'm going to manage when I go back to work! But usually I either have a shower or a bath do all your normal jazz I guess every other person does before they get ready for bed. Typically I get out, do my cleansing routine (I use the soap and glory Vitamin C facial wash, which everyone in family swears by! It's incredible for getting clear skin) I then apply the Mudmasky Leave on winter mask, which has became a real staple in my skincare routine. I received it in my glossybox around 3 months ago and there is still product left, the combination of the facial wash and that mask is amazing. I was really struggling with my skin at the start of lockdown, mostly to do with stress and anxiety but using these pair together my skin right up!

I'll stick on my spotify, I've recently discovered a play list called 'My Wellness' on the made for you section and guys, it's incredible! It's essentially short podcasts and a playlist of songs compiled together (they're usually quite similar songs each day, I haven't yet figured out how to change them) it has a wake up and a wind down section and throughout the day they have meditations, self help podcasts etc. Anyway, I'd stick that on, usually they have a meditation in the playlist so I'll do that (it's really helpful for just relaxing your mind, mine usually goes crazy productive at night so sometimes it's nice to just chill out a little). Can I just say before you think I have loads of time at night (which I do now), I only really do this routine if I can be bothered. Sometimes I'll just skip meditation or winding down and jump on Tik Tok for hours. I do find my mind is everywhere on nights that I do this and I really struggle to sleep.

Then I'll make myself a cuppa, can't beat it..proper British aren't I and I'll make myself a To Do list for the night. Recently it's been really nice weather in the UK so I haven't been doing an awful lot in the day, just out in the garden in the sun and I'll do everything at night. So after I've wrote everything down, I'll usually crack on with what I've got to do...typically it's either blog work whether that's social media or a new post or I work more on my business side, so looking at new beauty brands, expanding my knowledge etc. I think it's really important to highlight that you don't have to be being productive during a pandemic by the way, you do you. If you want to chill out in front of netflix all day then do that. I just prefer to keep my mind busy because that's the best way I handle my anxiety. But I'll usually just put my diary as it's a planner and a gratitude journal (I know, I've never been so organised ever). Whilst I do some work I usually stick on Netflix, Disney+ or my new show that I'm addicted to which is 'Normal People'..it's on BBC Three. If you want a proper real romance series I definitely recommend it! A fair warning though, it is definitely NOT PG lmao!

Then I'll usually just scroll through watch Youtube or Tik Tok's for hours, I can't believe quick time flies when you get into watching videos. It's like one minute it's 9pm and I'm watching a Tarot card reading, the next its 1am and I'm watching dog videos on Tik Tok. At the minute my sleeping routine is all over the shop so to be quite honest, some nights I'll end up sleeping at 3am and others I'll be asleep by 11pm!


A Night In With Chlo:

I'm a bit like Ab in the sense that my motivation and productiveness usually comes to me around 9pm when I've already spent majority of the day playing The Sims or watching repeats of Friends and Gossip Girl. We usually like to do some blog work, whether that's discussing future posts, maintaining our social media, checking emails, making to do lists for the next day etc. We do blog work in the day time also but it seems as if we wanna suddenly get our shit together and do everything at stupid o'clock.

I like to work on my two online courses that i'm taking at the moment. I know that in our previous lock down post we mentioned an online course site for free courses which is honestly still great but I recently stumbled across Udemy and there's literally a course for everything. You do have to pay for these courses but they're very reasonable prices and there's a lot more variety. I just think it's a great way to keep occupied and actually study something you're interested in.

I do my usual every day skin care routine and pretty much everything I use is from Simple because my skin is very sensitive and can break out really easily if I was to change up my routine and incorporate new products so I tend to just stick to what I know and what works for me. If I've been wearing make up I use the Simple micellar cleansing water and cotton pads to remove it with. I then wash my face in The Face Shop Acne Solution Foam Cleanser, this stuff can be quite hard to find and can be quite expensive as well. I bought my last one from Depop for a really reasonable price and it was brand new and lasts for ages. Another alternative that I like from the same brand is the Rice Water Bright Foam Cleanser which I find can be easier to get ahold of, again the prices may vary but i'm sure I got this one off Amazon for a good price. It's the only brand of face wash that my skin will tolerate.

A few times a week I like to use my little facial cleansing brush that I picked up from Primark a few months ago for about £2 and honestly, best purchase ever, leaves your skin feeling really clean and fresh. I then like to use the Simple facial toner just to ensure that i've not missed anything and that my face is fully clean ready for moisturiser. Again, I use the Simple hydrating light moisturiser and I've been applying it with a make up brush (a clean one obviously) and I just think it goes on better and my skin feels more hydrated instead of my hands feeling like they've took half the moisture. Finally, I like to apply Dr Spot to my problem areas and if you've read our previous posts, you'll know how much we LOVE this product.

So after all of that, I like to properly wind down and relax by lighting some incense and tea lights and more recently, doing some bed time yoga. There's a couple that I've been really enjoying and i'll link them down below but honestly, it's just a great way to fully relax for the night, it made me realise how much I miss attending yoga classes.

(These are the ones I've been doing the most; this one is perfect before bed : Yoga For Bedtime - 20 Minute Practice & this one is perfect for anxiety and stress relief : 20 Min Full Body Stretch/Yoga for Stress & Anxiety Relief )

I love a night time meditation, now I'm somebody who loves a guided one, I feel like they're more effective for me personally and I've been reaching for the same kinda ones on YouTube recently, I'm loving manifestation and gratitude ones which i'll also link you to if you're interested. Me and Ab also recently purchased a root chakra guided meditation from lumieretarot.com. Clair Summer 'Lumiere' is someone we love to watch on YouTube and when we found out she sells her own guided meditations, we had to cop one. They range from about £3.99 - £5.99 and they're so worth it, there's a few specific topics to choose from. Of course you don't have to purchase any guided meditations as there are plenty on YouTube that you can find. If you don't really like guided meditations, then by all means do it however you feel comfortable, there's no 'right' way of doing it.

*Manifestation Guided Meditations : 10 Minute Manifestation Meditation , Powerful Abundance Meditation - Manifest Your Dreams & Powerful Guided Meditation To Manifest What You Want In Life by Eric Ho

* Gratitude Guided Meditations : Gratitude Guided Meditation & Strengthen Happiness - Gratitude Meditation

Not gonna lie, after all this I do end up watching Tik Tok's in bed for a good hour before I drop off to sleep. I know a lot of people are struggling with their sleeping schedules at the minute and the one thing that really works for me is mediation, it genuinely helps you relax the muscles in your body and releases a lot of tension. It takes 10 minutes out of your night and you come out of it feeling so much better.


To be honest there's not much special about our night time routines. We just love to be nosey and see what other people get up to so we thought it might give you guys some inspiration for meditation etc.

We hope you guys are staying safe and well.

Love Ab & Chlo x

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