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Christmas in June: The Dash Christmas Showcase!

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Luckily us girls were invited up to an event in Liverpool on the 13th June, held by Dash (an absolute stunning restaurant and bar located on Victoria Street). The theme was Christmas and my god, they sure pulled out all the stops to make sure it looked like Santa’s Grotto.

Pulling up to the restaurant, it was hard to miss. Christmas lights and huge baubles surrounded the whole exterior of the place, it quite literally lit up the street. As soon as we walked in, it was clear that everyone was in high spirits, although we were unsure whether it was due to the champagne reception or the fact Christmas had come early.

Everything was very festive, from the decorations on the bar even to the entertainment, where we got to listen to some of our favourite Christmas classics performed by a former X Factor singer.

Credit goes to The Christmas Decorators who completely transformed the restaurant and bar from top to bottom, it was magical! Having read that these decorators had transformed hundreds of celebs homes – like Mariah Carey, The Beckhams and Steven Gerrard – we knew that they weren’t going to disappoint!

The mini Christmas nibbles were a winner for us pair (we’re also foodies if you couldn’t tell). We had the chance to try food such as Katsu chicken sushi rolls, crispy pork wontons, mini lime meringues and more! They were divine. The service provided was outstanding, we couldn’t fault it. Huge shout to the bar staff who made the night enjoyable and ensured that our drinks were always topped up. In particularly Eric, Callum and James, who were so welcoming and lovely. We definitely will be coming back to try those cocktails!

If you're ever in Liverpool make sure to pop into Dash, it is the place to go. If you wish to experience this with family and friends around Christmas time, they're now taking bookings, so if you're interested, make sure to get in contact because we have a feeling it's going to be a sell out. Any enquiries, drop them an email at info@dashrestaurants.co.uk or contact them on 0121 236 2265. Visit their website for more info www.dashrestaurants.co.uk

A huge thank you to Paul Knowles for inviting us up to this amazing event and of course thank you to everyone at Dash, all your hard work paid off and it turned out to be an incredibly memorable night!


Occasion Outfits on a Budget

Earrings: Primark

Black Satin Shirt: Boohoo (£16)

Skinny Jeans (DIY by Chlo): Primark

Leopard Print Shoes: Primark (£14)

Blazer: Primark (£15 I think)

Bodysuit: Forever 21

Belt: Primark (£8)

Vintage Mom Jeans: (£13)

Snake Print Shoes: Primark (Around £12?)

Clutch Bag: New Look (Gifted)


Travel and Accommodation in Liverpool

Us girls like keeping things on a budget, if you couldn't tell by our outfit choices already. But travelling in the UK can sometimes be very expensive, especially where trains are involved. However, lucky for us we had planned another route. Now, to some the thought of getting a coach isn't as appealing but for half the cost of a train, how can you complain?! Megabus were selling tickets direct from Birmingham to Liverpool Bus Station for £5.33. So we decided the best deal was to go with Megabus (£11.66 plus booking fare for Two), although the journey was a little bit longer it was worth the saving.

We were curious about prices for the train home as we had saved a bit of money by getting the coach. We were expecting ridiculous prices for the return ticket home, however from Liverpool Lime Station to Birmingham New Street they were offering tickets for £9.50. This was mainly due to the fact we had booked in advance but also close to the date (if that makes any sense what-so-ever).

Travel Price Total: £15.33 each Return

We found an amazing apartment on Booking.com situated right in the heart of Parker Street. It is so easily accessible to the coach and train station both being 10 minute walks. An added extra bonus was the fact that Mcdonalds was a 2 minute walk, priorities. Caro Short Stay cost us £40 in total with a security deposit of £50 each just in case you damage anything (you get that back within 3-7 days). It was a beautiful apartment, everything was clean, the staff were super helpful and friendly, we would definitely recommend it.

Overall Price Total (Travel and Accommodation) : £35.33 each


See you soon with another post!


Ab and Chlo x

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