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A Trip to Dublin!

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Well what a trip to remember! Anyone that hasn't yet been to Dublin is seriously missing out, it's one of many trips we aim to make this year but it will be difficult to beat.

The flights were one of the main things that attracted us to go to Dublin, would you believe! We started looking at RyanAir flights in November time last year, as we were really interested then about going but finding the time off before Christmas was proving to be a proper pain in the ass. So, we looked again at the end of December/January time and the prices were still so low. I think when we looked for return flights it was something silly like £26, with a 10kg luggage which we thought was a bargain! But obviously girls being girls and needing about 6 different outfits each, the price soon went up as we added more luggage on top of that (which we didn't need in the end, may I add). I think with priority boarding, added 20kg luggage and choosing our seats it came to about £70 each for a direct flight from Birmingham, which was quite a steep price compared to the £26 we thought we were going to pay. When we arrived it was about €7 for a shuttle bus right outside of the terminal, to the centre of Dublin...it only took us about 10 minutes to walk from the drop off to our hostel so we didn't really mind.

To be honest, I don't think we would've really gone if we didn't find accommodation which was as cheap as The Generator hostel, it worked out £26 each for two nights with a private bathroom and family room. It was essentially a modern hotel which we got for an absolute bargain, so can't complain. The family room consisted of two single beds and a bunk bed, obviously made Chlo get on top, we can assure you she had a wonderful nights sleep listening to Joey snoring on the bottom bunk. Pretty sure she spent half the time with her headphones in to block out the whale in the room! The room options are pretty good if you're a lone traveler or even a large group, they do shared rooms as a typical hostel does, but also they do a 10 man room which you can book out with a hot tub which sounds like a brill idea in the summer for a girls holiday. The facilities were amazing whilst we were there as well, they had their own bar, restaurant area, communal area where you can play giant versions of Jenga and Connect Four, basically just taking us back to our childhood really lol. It really provides a great place to meet new people and share experiences. It wasn't just open to the hostel users either, it was open to the public and I can only imagine what it's like on a Saturday night, we bet the vibe is great. I could literally go on about how good the hostel is for the price, it's literally a two minute walk to the Jameson's Factory and a 20 minute walk to the Guinness Storehouse. Whilst we were there, they suggested downloading an app called GenFriends and essentially, it is a huge group chat for every Generator hostel internationally! Added bonus is that you get 10% off your food and drinks with it, which we also took great advantage of as per. But we thought it was such a great idea, especially if you're a lone traveler, just to see what everyone else is doing and to be able to meet up with people and explore places together. We got to meet a bunch of amazing people from all over the world, it was honestly an amazing experience and we will definitely be checking into The Generator again soon.

We weren't really sure entirely on what to do whilst we were out in Dublin, obviously we did the typical Guinness Storehouse which has to be done if you're ever in Dublin; we paid for that online so it worked out about €7 euro cheaper than if you were to pay on the door. It was a great experience, one that you definitely have to do whilst you're over there. It was over numerous floors, and the top floor had a bar and a panoramic view of Dublin, which was incredible on the evening time when we went. Pictures just don't do it justice.

(Joey getting them angles lol)

We knew one thing for certain, we wanted to do a proper pub crawl. We were going to attempt to navigate our own way around the bars in Dublin, but when we arrived at the hostel they recommended going on a €12 euro bar crawl. Honestly, the best decision we made, it included 5 pubs and a nightclub to finish off (Ab and Joey barely made it past the second pub). We had a free pint of Guinness or lager, whatever took your fancy and 4 different types of shots and they were proper shots as well...we're talking sambuca here. Joey got so smashed at one point that he got banned from buying any more alcohol; you know you've had way too much when you get banned from drinking in DUBLIN!!!

Safe to say we were all a little worse for wear, Ab and Joey ended up at the room at half 11 and Chlo and Meg cracked on, making it to all the bars and a shitty club at the end. It was a complete shit show (in the best way possible). It was brill waking up the next morning and Abbi and Joey being in complete shock that we walked past Temple Bar because they had no recollection of it at all.

The fab thing about this bar crawl was that the wristband was valid for as long as you wanted. We opted out of doing the bar crawl again the next night as we had an early flight to catch and with the way we were feeling in the morning after this one, we didn't want to risk being completely defeated on the way home. If you're ever in Dublin, the Generation pub crawl is a MUST!!!

We walked a lot around Dublin especially by our hostel, we found some gorg food and drink places that had to mentioned.

O'sheas Merchant - Beautiful 'typical' Irish pub, so cosy and cute. Award winning Fish and Chips, which we can vouch for. Being typically an English dish we were very surprised when we tasted this delicacy from another country. Definitely up there with one of the best Fish and Chips ever, no exaggeration.

Bel Cibo - The perfect hangover cure (especially because it was a 20 second walk from the hostel). We all fancied something greasy and carby and went for burgers, carbonara and spag bol which Chlo managed to spill all over Meg some how.

Oscar's - This was our 'hair of the dog' destination. Lovely interior and gave us vibes of the book store in YOU. Joey was really hitting the Joe criteria whilst pretending to read the old fashioned books on the shelf. They had a variety of different cocktails to choose from that weren't too over priced.

We could have defo done with another day or two to explore a bit more but our bank accounts probably would have disagreed. We all flew home with one huge hangover but a hundred memories that will have us laughing for years to come, can't wait to visit again in the VERY near future.


Love Ab & Chlo x

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