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Galentine's Day Celebrations!

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Valentine's Day doesn't always have to be about romance, especially if you're single as fuck but still want to join in on the celebrations and have a drink. Well, that's exactly what we done.

Galentine's Day is an adorable alternative for all of our fellow singletons who just want to appreciate the best gals in their lives. This is the second year in a row that we have spent Valentine's together but this year we decided to be extra AF, so we dressed up cute and booked a three course meal at The Lost & Found in Birmingham ... why not?

We booked our meal for 5pm and we were one of the firsts to arrive. The inside is stunning, the walls are decorated with vines, there's floor to ceiling book cases, bird cages and really quirky vintage furniture. We can imagine it being the perfect summer spot for a cocktail or two or even a lush date venue with the partner. I think the nicest thing was that there wasn't just couples there for the meals, there were also groups of women enjoying themselves like us and I think that's great because most of the time people get wrapped up in the whole aspect of valentines day and needing a partner to celebration, when really it's about celebrating people you love in your life!

Immediately the staff greeted us with a smile and walked us over to our reserved table where all the cutlery was perfectly laid out and they even added a rose with a lit candle to the table to really set the mood.

The menu was amazing, for just £29.95 we got a starter, main and dessert along with a special cocktail or a Birra Moretti. Absolute bargain really.

We both ordered the Waterhouse Fizz Cocktail which came with the deal but I (Chloe) wasn't too keen so Ab had mine also.

Abbi decided to go for the spiced sweet potato for the starter, it was a very generous portion size so it couldn't be finished as Ab wanted to save room for the rest lol. Also we didn't manage to snap a photo of her starter because she got far too excited and dug in straight away.

For the main she ordered the grilled sea bass which was AMAZING! The flavouring of the fish was to die for and the presentation was so cute. It came with sticky coconut rice topped with a coconut, ginger and lemongrass sauce and served on a banana leaf. Ab also added on fries as an extra and managed to finish the lot.

For dessert, Ab decided to go for the warm chocolate cake with orange chantilly cream. It was literally heaven in a bowl, every chocolate lover's DREAM!

The middle of it poured out with warm chocolate which really complimented the orange cream as well, it's making my mouth water just thinking about it. Abbi isn't the biggest chocolate cake lover but she thoroughly enjoyed this.

So since I didn't really enjoy the Waterhouse Fizz cocktail, I opted for another one off the full menu.

Initially I wanted a Pornstar Martini but they don't sell them so our server suggested a similar kind of cocktail which was lovely.

It's safe to say I enjoyed this one a lot more than the first one. I believe it's called Mortianna's Garden but i'm not entirely sure, whatever it was tasted amazing though.

I went for the smoked haddock and cod fishcake for my starter. Although I asked for it without the poached egg, they put it in a separate bowl for me just in case I changed my mind which was sweet.

It was really tasty but you know that feeling where you're tucking in and you just wish you went for something else? Yeah that was my dilemma.

Abbi's looked amazing and the crispy duck salad sounded great too so I'm not really sure why I landed on the fishcake but overall it was good.

For my main I chose the vegan coconut, sweet potato & butternut squash curry served with jasmine rice and added fries. This was insanely good, so filling and full of flavour. I'm not a vegan but I can definitely appreciate vegan food.

For dessert I went for the same as Ab and it fair to say we were both absolutely stuffed afterwards, I don't think we were able to finish the cake off.

Afterwards we decided to go to a few cocktail bars and treated ourselves to a hot dog at the end of the night and we were tucked up in bed by 12:30, sensible or what? We deffo are changed women! We might make this a tradition and just celebrate galentines day every year, regardless of the men in our life...any excuse to have a few cocktails with the girls.

It was such a fab night and we will be going back to The Lost & Found soon, there's way more stuff on the menu that we want to try.

We hope you enjoyed reading, please let us know if you enjoy these kind of posts and would like us to visit more restaurants and bars.


Love Ab & Chlo x

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