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Goldcoast Oceanfest 2019: A Weekend to Beat.

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

After an eventful weekend I'm finally sitting down to update you all on the cracking few days I've had down in Devon. I can't lie to you all, there are a few moments I may have to skim over, mainly due to the fact that alcohol was involved meaning my memory isn't entirely up to scratch with some of the details, whoops! I headed down to Croyde, Devon for a weekend of fun at Goldcoast Oceanfest (I had been last year so I knew it was going to be awesome). To give you a back story, it is a three day festival covering several different genres of music. This year acts like Shy FX, Mistajam, Craig David, The Cuban Brothers and Tom Odell played the main stage. Obviously my personal favourites were Craig David (no surprise there) and The Cuban Brothers, who I'd never seen before but were amazing! The festival was held from Friday 21st - Sunday 23rd June, it is held around the same time every year.

It's fair to say that it was the most fun I've had in a while, the festival area itself holds all kinds of stands and activities. From a variety of food vans serving noodles, burgers etc. to merchandise stands, to provide a sentiment of the awesome weekend you've had. Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to pick up any merch, but hopefully next year I will! Obviously the most important thing everyone wants to know (only if you're legal) is how much the alcohol was, so I mostly stuck to cider all weekend, specifically Thatchers Haze. That turned out to be £4.50 to £5 a pint, which is pretty standard for a festival. They do have a policy within the festival grounds, where you pay more for your first drink as you also pay for the cup that it is in. I think this turned out to be about £2 extra, but don't hold me to it I was rather tipsy by this point! After that refills are standard price that I mentioned. I am a fan of this policy, definitely environmentally friendly as it reduces plastic and untidiness of the festival grounds. Not only was there a main stage and a bar (first thing I noticed), there was also a skyswing, climbing wall, a dance tent, cider garden, a bus bar and much more. So we were definitely not short of entertainment. During the day, the beach right next to the festival grounds held beach sports and competitions, from surfing to volleyball.

When thinking about prices of other festivals and what this one provides, you'd think it was a lot more pricier than it actually is. I bought an adult full weekend (Friday to Sunday) ticket for £53.60. I did manage to purchase a super early bird ticket, which are usually released around September time, the ticket prices do go up over time so I'm unsure as to how much others paid for theirs. But if you get in early, I'm sure you can snatch up a cheap one! There's plenty of choice in regards to tickets, children, family and day tickets are available.



I know that with festivals there is the association with camping and it all being an absolute shambles! It couldn't be anymore wrong. I stayed at a camping site called Freshwell Camping, turns out we bagged the best camping site in my personal opinion. I did stay here last year so I knew it had all the facilities I needed. The bonus is it is the closest accommodation site to the festival entrance, it's only a two minute walk (a winner for us that aren't a fan of using our legs lol). It also has clean toilet and shower cubicles and also a food van onsite for those hungover mornings when you fancy a bacon or sausage sarnie. The food was outstanding and far less cheaper than the food in the actual festival. I think what I like most about this site though is that you have the freedom to choose where you camp, you aren't designated to a certain spot. So, if you want to camp at the top of the field with the good view, you can. If you want to camp near the food van - which is my plan next year - you can. Overall it cost me £48 for a single adult camping ticket for the weekend (Friday - Monday), which you most certainly can't moan about, especially with being in such close proximity to the festival site and not to mention the absolute gorgeous view from the camp site! I think we paid a little less last year for camping, but we expect prices to increase a little bit every year with how popular the festival is becoming. I've also got to say, it's not a messy camp site...nothing like parklife or any of these popular festivals, you won't be covered head to toe in mud I promise. Well, unless it absolutely pours down but we haven't been that unlucky yet.

If you don't fancy like camping there are also many options to choose from when looking for accommodation. The next closest site would be Ruda Holiday Park, which is situated a short walk away from the festival entrance. The holiday park provides caravans/lodges which can sleep up to 8 people, perfect for a family or group of friends! They also have an on site surf school if you fancy a bit of fun in the day as well as an onsite Nisa Local, Fish & Chip Shop and Costa Coffee. There are also other camp sites to choose from if you're not keen on being so close to the festival site, as well as B&B' s etc. within Croyde, so you certainly have options.

The drive down to Croyde was about three to four hours from Birmingham, which soon flew by with a good gossip with friends. They have many different bus routes from local towns like Braunton and Barnstaple to the festival site. Public transport also becomes more frequent during the time of the festival, so you don't always have to stay in Croyde for the weekend. However, personally I'd prefer to stay closer to the festival site. Buses are also available after the festival, so don't worry you wont be stranded in Croyde. If you do decide to stay outside of Croyde and want to drive, there is a car park situated next to the festival site for easy access.


Next year's dates have already been confirmed as 19th - 21st June.

So, if you're interested definitely keep your eyes peeled for tickets around September time and make sure to check out the festival website: http://goldcoastoceanfest.co.uk/

For more information on Freshwell Camping: https://www.croydefreshwellcamping.co.uk/


Here's a little insight into Oceanfest 2018... Enjoy!

See you Soon!

Love Ab x

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