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Healthy Habits to Practice Daily

We all want to start our day off the right way, waking up with a positive mind set and being consistent with it throughout. We've lay down a few habits we think people should practice daily to make a good day.

Drink lots of water

We've all heard it, stay hydrated. But it does the world of good. Being mindful whilst drinking can help to reduce stress. Finding a relaxing spot without distractions like technology and taking five minutes to breathe and drink your water can help provide a positive change for your mental well being. Give yourself reminders throughout the day to drink


It's true that meditation can calm the mind. I noticed a significant difference when I started implementing meditation into my daily routine. It gave me a chance to distance myself from reality for a while and for the craziness of the world to disappear for 10 minutes. It enhances self-awareness, everything you feel albeit physical or mental is enhanced for that short amount of time. You are coerced naturally into controlling the anxieties of every day life by being present.

Create a Gratitude List

When things don't go your way it gets difficult to appreciate the minor things in life. The every day factors of life some are so lucky to have are pushed towards the back of the mind, failing to be noticed because of the constant failing of high expectations we have. Starting the day off writing 3-5 things you're grateful for, no matter how small they are, can be a great way for you to start appreciating everything in your life. Once you feel that gratitude for your coffee in the morning or for simple waking up in your bed, then you begin to notice you start to appreciate naturally and in return, it is reciprocated towards you.

Have a conversation with someone

Whether it's a simple 'How are you' text or a phone call, sometimes talking to your favourite person can lift your spirits. We've all been there, we've had bad days where the thought of talking to someone is draining in itself. Saying this, that conversation can make you feel 10x better. Focusing on someone/something else can distract you from your own thoughts for a while, and not to mention it also gives you the chance to express whatever is on your mind.

Go for a Walk/Exercise

Implementing exercise can be difficult if you've got a busy day, it can be rushed and as a result you don't feel quite as good as you expected it to feel. But there are little ways of introducing exercise into your work schedule. You could walk to work or have a walk to the shops. Making the time, even if its a 10-15 minute brisk walk before work can make all the difference in terms of boosting your energy and setting you up for the day.

If walking doesn't interest you, why not try yoga. There are lots of videos online which can give you a good insight into what it's about and different kinds of routines.

Put Your Phone Down

Try it. No technology for ONE hour. Notice your mood change as you gain some kind of control on the reigns of social media. It gives the brain a chance to rest from the overload of data you're consuming. It can also be a subconscious method of hiding from our emotions. Consuming yourself in someone else's reality is a coping mechanism for some, so reducing phone usage can be a way to process emotions. Read a book, catch up with friends, plan your goals. Do something meaningful.

Sleep Early

This is ironic, considering in one our last posts we spoke about how our bad habits seem to be sleeping late. But getting those 7 hours earlier on in the night can make all the difference. It can give you the energy boost you need for the next day, never mind not missing out on half of the day's sunlight because you'll be a wake at a reasonable time - not 3pm.

Breathe Deeply

Breathing deeply throughout the day can bring you back to the present moment, if you feel overwhelmed take a couple of deep breaths and you will begin to notice you feel slightly more grounded than you probably were 5 minutes prior. There are also breath-work routines you can get access to on YouTube which are helpful especially for beginners.

Be Present

There's not much to complex about this one. I'm pretty sure we've all been told to "Enjoy the moment" at some point in our lives. But it's true. That means not looking back at the past wondering what you could've done better or looking towards the future with an anxious feeling. You have an openness about you as an individual when you become present. You temporarily remove labels from people and things and it allows you to open up and experience things without the pre-conceived thoughts and feelings.

“There is only one time that is important – NOW! It is the most important time because it is the only time that we have any power.” - Leo Tolstoy.

Eat Well

Healthy body, Healthy Mind. Eating well allows your body to be nourished the right way. It is proven to encourage a boost in your mood as well as improving the function of your brain by eating foods rich in nutrients.

You have probably read these points in many other posts, but to be honest they're simple tips which are effective. You don't have to go out and buy anything new, or be significantly good at anything in order to practice these habits. You just have to have some self-control and discipline to establish this as a routine into your daily life. Once you do that, you'll find yourself in a more positive and healthy space.

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