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How Scripting Can Help Manifest Your Goals

Scripting is a powerful technique, that once mastered can help you manifest things into your life quickly and easily. It's not until we began to delve further into the Law Of Attraction (LOA) that we recognised the importance of scripting. To put it simply, it's a diary for your dream life but you're acting as if you're living in it right now in the present. Many successful people use scripting to manifest their multi-million pound companies, or their dream home, job etc. Essentially the LOA responds to the thoughts that we think, the beauty of this is that it cannot distinguish between fiction and reality. Meaning that everything and anything is possible. To help, we've combined a bunch of tips together to help you script more effectively.

Be present in your language.

You're essentially convincing yourself you have what you want, when writing in present tense. Doing so, allows you to really feel the emotions you attach to when achieving your desire. This is the important bit. Envision your future-self and describe how they would feel. Instead of saying:

"I want...." SAY "I am...."

Start by practicing gratitude.

Before you even think about starting to script you should practice gratitude. It's an integral part of LOA, emotions are the forefront of manifesting so by being grateful for what you already have you allow room for more and you're not living in lack. Like attracts Like - that is the whole idea of LOA. So whatever you think/feel, you will attract into your life both good or bad.

When it comes to manifesting your dream life, it's important to be grateful for the things you already have in your life and the events that have already happened. There's always something and by doing so, you're creating this idea of abundance in your life. As a result, this feeling of gratitude and love for everything you already have will only make your intentions stronger to manifest.

Be as precise as you can.

Knowing exactly what you want and the details of it, is the only way to make this technique effective. You want to act as if you're going through it right now, so use all your senses. You want to bring the vision you have to life. The more detail you go in the more effective it will be, this is what manifestation is about.

You need to get emotional.

Dig deep and attach emotions to your goals. By allowing yourself to feel these incredible emotions whilst you're scripting you're already engaging in the manifestation process. You're already starting to vibrate at a higher frequency and as a result you're more powerful.

Focus on what you want. Don't attach negative thoughts to it.

When writing your dreams and goals down on paper, don't attach to any negatives. For example saying "I don't want to be in debt anymore" will only attract debt more into your life as you are thinking of being in debt.

If you are focusing on what you don't have, then you are living in lack in the eyes of the universe and as a result, you will only attract more of lack into your life.

Have no limits.

Having a mindset where you believe anything is possible is SO powerful, never limit your beliefs on what you can succeed in. Who or what is stopping you from getting your dream job, home, car etc? Remove any blocks and doubts that do not allow you to move forward with the process of being the best version of yourself. Never let yourself or anyone else minimize your ability to achieve your goals and dreams because we are all capable of getting what we desire and we are all worthy.

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