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Keeping Yourself Occupied During Lockdown

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Us Brits are now four days into lockdown, some probably longer and I think it's fair to say that staring at your phone screen, scrolling through instagram is in no way becoming a thing we used to call 'fun'...in fact the total opposite, I know personally it's starting to feel like a chore. We shouldn't really be spending hours on our phones but we know how difficult it is to find the energy and motivation to actually do something productive in times like this. It's good to be in the know but we all need to stop obsessively checking the news and social media for constant updates, it's out of our control at the moment but let's all do our bit by staying safely indoors and only going out if it's absolutely necessary (you've heard this 100 times before, you don't need us to reiterate it for you!)

We thought we'd compile a list of ideas that you lot could use to entertain yourself during this lockdown period!

1. Clean

No, we don't mean go all Kim & Aggy and dust every single inch of your house (if you want, crack on). More like tidy your bedroom, sort out the clothes in your wardrobe or the paperwork you've manage to collate in that draw in your living room.

Attend to all the DIY you've been putting off for months because you're "too busy" but you really just couldn't be bothered to do. Paint your bedroom, your bathroom ceiling, whatever you want (I don't suggest painting someone else's room that you live with, unsure how well that would go down).

2. Meditate

There are so many videos on Youtube and Instagram that can teach you how to meditate correctly, and no you don't have to hum which everyone seems to associate with it. Try other places like spotify for podcasts which can give you more guidance! There are also apps like Headspace and Calm which are really good to use for beginners!

3. READ!

Pick up that book you've been meaning to start for months, order some new ones or even read your favourite one again! We've both managed to pick up some new buys to keep us occupied! If you're into spirituality we can recommend a few; Power of Now, Proof of Heaven and Map of Heaven! There are loads more if you go onto amazon, you can search up genre-specific books and take your pick!

4. Learn a New Skill

why not teach yourself a new skill? You could come out of lockdown showing off your new cooking skills that you've learnt from Gordon Ramsey himself or the many other chefs that have videos on YouTube. Or you could try learning a language you've always to learn, try Duolingo! Ab's currently trying to perfect the french accent, can't say it's going very well but it's the effort that counts lol.

There was also a website I came across not so long ago with over 1500 free online courses to choose from with a variety of subjects. (https://alison.com/courses).. it's worth the shot.

6. Clear out your phone

Why not declutter all the shit on your phone you don't need. Delete those 1003 emails from different clothing brands and wowcher that you signed up for once to get the discount code, and you might as well unsubscribe whilst you're at it. Delete photos and videos that you don't need, particularly if you're like chlo and have THOUSANDS clogging up your memory! Delete old contacts and notes you don't need anymore. You get the gist.

7. Podcasts!

I (Ab) was never one to listen to podcasts up until a couple of months ago, when I came across Jay Shetty on Spotify. He does loads of podcasts to inspire you on how to productive etc. They're actually quite useful and some of them aren't even too long, about 20 mins so you could listen to one eating breakfast in the morning or getting ready. They're such a good way to open your mind. Some of our personal faves are Jay Shetty (as I mentioned), Sadhguru, Joe Rogan and The TED Interview. If you have any other podcast suggestions we would love to hear them!

8. Colouring Books for adults

These are SO therapeutic! Create a chill playlist, light some incense and just relax doing some colouring, you can find some amazing ones on Amazon. I mean if you have children, why not just steal one of theirs or make it an 'Art Class' for you both whilst you're in lock down together.

9. Board games

There's nothing better than a good game of monopoly to kill a few hours, we managed to fit one last game in with our friends last week so we can warn you guys it can get a bit rowdy if you've got a room of sore losers lol! There are other games like Heads Up, Incohearent (I'll link it, we highly recommend for a giggle), Cluedo etc. I'm sure you guys could also get inventive with a pack of cards or go traditional with a game of dominoes.

10. Family and Friends

Spending quality time with family is an amazing opportunity we've got here that sometimes we don't always get with our busy lives, so why not make the most of it! If you don't live with your family, why not facetime them or use the Houseparty app to make a big groupchat and play fun games at the same time like draw it etc. within the app! It's an awesome way to spend time together! A lot of people are having to spend weeks away from their friends and partners, which can take a toll on someone so please make sure we stay in contact with each other! It's so important to realise that this is a change for everyone and to ensure that people aren't on their own. Make plans of things to do with friends after lockdown has blown over, that way you've got something to look forward to.

11. Self-Care

Put on a face mask, dye your hair that colour you were too scared to before (I probably shouldn't encourage that but lol oops). I even put a bit of makeup on and straightened my hair this morning for the first time in nearly a week and it really did make me feel better. Make sure you look after yourself during this time!

If you can think of anymore ideas please let us and everyone know in the comments below, or even follow our social media and comment on our most recent post! We'd love to know some more ideas!

For now, crack open that vino and have one for us!

Stay safe and Take Care!

Love Ab & Chlo x

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