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Lockdown Made Me Do It..

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

If you're living in the UK during COVID-19 you'll know that we're stuck in, yet again, another lockdown. God knows when they'll decide to give us back our freedom - it's seeming like a long way away. I don't know if anyone else has felt like this but I have developed SO many bad habits during this third lockdown. It's so easy to compare your lives to everybody else's, especially now when we have so much time to look through social media or over analyse our own lives. We forget that we're in the middle of a pandemic, which makes it pretty difficult for most of us to accomplish what we feel we need to. There are people out there starting up small businesses or getting engaged meanwhile most of us are still sitting in our pyjamas at 3pm. We need to learn and understand that just because we are not meeting other people's expectations during this lockdown doesn't mean we're failing, each one of you are waking up every morning and getting on with the day as best you can and that's something to be proud of. In honour of that, we've made a list of things that we're no longer feeling guilty about this lockdown and instead we're embracing.

1. Sleeping at 3:30/4am and not waking till after midday.

I don't know about anybody else but my sleeping pattern has been turned upside down this lockdown, I can't seem to sleep until at least 3am and even then it's a struggle. At first I felt like I was being unproductive and I was wasting away my day but then I realised that we're in the middle of a pandemic and I have nothing to do, so why not. It's not like I can leave my house and pop to the pub or do a bit of retail shopping to make me feel better (although thank GOD for online shopping) or even go to work because I'm STILL furloughed. You see the problem I've been facing is that once I start sleeping at 3am, I then start waking up after 12pm. The past couple of weeks it's been 2pm but do I feel guilty about it at all? Absolutely not. Do not punish yourself because whilst somebody else is getting up to go for a run at 5am, you're going to sleep. Your body simply sleeps at different times and that's ok!

2. Binge watching Bridgerton in one day

I mean can you blame me? The DUKE of SEX is WOW! At least he kept me entertained during this lockdown. I'm not even feeling guilty about this one in the slightest because Bridgerton was the gift that kept on giving and it was a pure delight to watch (and not just because of the Duke). You bet I'm about to re-watch it. Don't feel guilty for keeping yourself distracted from reality by getting engrossed in your favourite program.

3. Drinking more than usual

Now this isn't one I condone at all but unfortunately with Christmas, New Year and my new flat I have been encouraged to drink a lot more than I usually do (and I'm a bartender so that's impressive). I don't encourage this but I'm also not going to feel guilty about it because although I've not been able to pop to a bar for a G&T to celebrate New Year I was still able to celebrate in the comfort of my own flat with a whole bottle of Gin instead of a glass. Don't feel guilty about replacing the pub with your home, it is a cheaper alternative for the time being.

4. Becoming socially distant

This one is a tough one for us extroverts who enjoy a chin wag with anyone they come across. I feel like my personality has done a 180 spin some days and I'm unable to have a conversation with anyone. My neighbour brought a parcel over for me a couple of weeks ago and I couldn't even form a sentence to thank them properly for keeping it safe. It was a shambles let me tell you. But once again, I'm not feeling guilty about it. At the end of the day we've spent god knows how many months of our lives stuck in some kind of isolation in the past year and we've lost that human connection that is normal to us. Struggling to hold conversation and wanting more time on your own is nothing to be ashamed of, unfortunately human interaction is something we have all lacked recently so your own company is familiar and safe for most of us. So don't be anxious of reconnection when we're finally out of lockdown, we will all be in the same boat.

5. Not running 5km like everyone else

I mean did I ever feel guilty about not doing this? Absolutely not. But this is a reminder to anybody who maybe feel that way to not worry, not all of us are inclined to run 5km a day or exercise for 3 hours. I will say a walk out of the house will do wonders for your mentality so at least try to go on a walk even if its for 15-20 minutes. But running? haha good joke. When every man and their dog were putting up their 5km times on Instagram in lockdown No.1 not once did I feel guilty about it because we all have different ways of filling our time, mine just happened to be catching a tan (when we had the weather).

6. The copious amount of parcels I get delivered after payday

Every day is like Christmas recently, especially when payday has just been. If you're going to treat yourself now's the best time to do it, at least you'll be in for these deliveries right? Well not unless you're out doing your 5km. My jogger and loungewear collection has got exceedingly large since we've been in this third lockdown, I feel like I've been keeping DPD and Hermes in business. At first I felt like I was wasting so much money and I was starting to feel guilty about this habit, but to be honest nothing feels better than getting into your new loungewear set and sitting down to watch Bridgerton so now I just make sure that I throw away the clothing receipts so I can't see how much money I've spent. You have to treat yourself at some point to make yourself feel good, mine is just through retail therapy. I just thank god I moved out so my mom doesn't see how many parcels I get, I can just imagine the head shake.

7. Some days not moving out of my PJ's

Yes I do shower. But then I get back into my PJ's (or my new loungewear 😉) because why the hell not. Is anyone coming round? No. Is my flat mate going to judge me for not moving out of my PJ's? Absolutely not, she's joining me. Am I uncomfortable? Nope. There really is no reason some days when I'm not feeling my best for me not to get out of my PJ's. At least when I do finally get out of my PJ's and do my hair I feel like I've made an effort and I feel GREAT!

8. Not feeling like my best self physically

I think we all felt like this at some point during this pandemic but it's not something I'm pushing aside anymore. At the end of the day, no one looks their best right now unless their home is a beauty salon and they've had their hair, nails and lashes done. The beauty about lockdown is it gives you the opportunity to give your body a rest and get it back to it's healthy state. You're helping your nails strengthen, your giving your skin a rest by not putting makeup on, you can retrain your hair by not washing it as much which is incredibly healthy and you give your lashes a rest by not having your extensions on. You may not feel your best self but the GLOW UP after lockdown is something I am ridiculously excited for, there's about to be a lot of bad bitches about.

9. Watching Tik Tok for hours

I am not even ashamed at this point to say that it's become a part of my night time routine. I think it's funny af. It's also influenced a lot of my purchases so I partially blame Tik Tok along with my incredibly low self control for my shopping habits. Some nights I honestly end up watching Tik Tok like my life depends on it, I would just love to watch myself scrolling through that app for hours. I can only imagine the look of concentration that'd be on my face and me just howling at my phone. I genuinely don't even feel guilty about it, some of the videos have become a point of reference between me and my friends now. Some of the videos also motivate me and encourage me to cook new things or they've even given me recommendations for books and meditations which I love now!

I would add one more thing onto this list but I think the most important thing we all need to recognise is that we all should be incredibly proud of ourselves during this pandemic. If you're getting up in the morning, eating something, checking in with yourself and your friends then you're doing great. The most important thing to remind yourself is that this is not a normal time, so we have to support ourselves and each other by doing things that feel good. If binge watching Netflix feels good, then do it. If running 10km feel's good, then do it. But don't feel guilty about not doing the things that someone else think's you should be. The reality is getting through this is an achievement in itself and that's something to be proud of.


Love Ab & Chlo

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