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Mason's Restaurant & Bar Launch: Liverpool.

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

When it comes to Liverpool, we jump at the chance to visit because it's such a beautiful city and we always end up having the best time. Again, we were kindly invited down to Liverpool to attend the launch of Mason's Restaurant & Bar and it's fair to say we were very excited to be coming back.

We arrived at the event at around 7:30 and it looked very lively, both inside and outside were full of guests all dressed up looking fabulous. We still get a little bit nervous when coming to these events because it's all still very new to us but everyone made us feel so welcome, the door staff were lovely and knew who we were which was sweet.

The decor was so cute, there were multi coloured balloons covering the entrance and there was a whole wall inside full of them too. The interior was very beautiful also, it was very cosy and welcoming along with the staff who were very polite and served everything with a smile.

The bar was complimentary and offered all the new cocktails that they were launching that night. Our personal faves were the Cucumber Cooler and the Kir Royale, they were so good we must have had about five each, along with the unlimited prosecco and wine being given out as well. It's fair to say we were a little bit fragile the morning after lol.

Being the foodies that we are, we were dying to know what sort of little nibbles they had to offer. On the invitation it mentioned that there would be "free flowing canapes" so essentially when you think of canape's, you picture little fancy biscuits or crackers etc. WELL. Let me tell you, these were not just any ordinary canape's. All day, Abbi kept going on about craving steak and how she would love it if they had "steak canape's" to which I found quite funny, HOWEVER, when we walked over to the little food section (where everything was being prepared fresh in front of us) lo and behold, there it was. Abbi's product of manifestation. A STEAK CANAPE. Lying there on one single chunky chip. I swear she actually nearly cried, she basically spoke it into existence haha. It tasted so good we had to pinch another before they were carried away and handed out to the other guests. There were loads of other tasty foods being handed out like mini pizza's, calamari, pitta bread with dips and so much more.

We found a cute little table by the window to sit down and have a little chin wag with our beautifully made cocktails. Even the table's were decorated beautifully with a bowl of olives to nibble on and adorable hand made hearts and candles, the little touches just made it so lovely. It was very clear how much thought had been put into the whole event. They even booked some entertainment for the guests, an amazing vocalist called Sam Wise and DJ Anton Powers who headlined the night. It was so nice to see everyone thoroughly enjoying themselves, we were all in such high spirits dancing away and fully enjoying every moment.

We are always so grateful to be able to attend these events, we meet so many incredible people and it's such a good way to socialise and expand. We were invited down by a blogger who goes by the name Just Food Liverpool and funnily enough, we met this blogger at the previous event we attended the month before. If you are looking for places to eat in Liverpool or you're just a massive foodie and you love yourself a bit of food porn then make sure to follow his insta @justfoodliverpool and check out the website www.justfoodliverpool.co.uk


We want to say a massive thank you to Just Food Liverpool for inviting us down and to Mason's for a very successful night, we will definitely be returning in the near future. If you wish to visit Mason's Bar & Restaurant or have any enquiries make sure to check out their website www.masonsrestaurantbar.co.uk and give them a follow on insta @masonsliverpool

See you soon with another post

Love Ab & Chlo x

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