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Our Fav Bloggers At The Moment

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Whether it's for inspiration or general interest, it's always great to support bloggers as it's quite a tough field of work especially since it's very popular in this day and age. Since we started this back in June last year, we've come across some amazing people who work so hard with the unreal content they create and they deserve all the recognition. There's some incredible people out there that we look up to and motivate us more everyday. If you're looking for more bloggers to read or more people to follow on Instagram or even if you're looking into starting blogging yourself, this post is hopefully going to provide some inspiration. These are some of our personal faves in no particular order...

1. Sian Victoria - Sian covers everything travel, food and lifestyle and has been blogging for ten years. Her Instagram is so aesthetically pleasing, having travelled to some of the most amazing places she always manages to capture the beauty in all its glory. Sian always makes us hungry with the gorgeous vegan dishes she posts about also so if you are vegan or even if you just enjoy vegan food and want some inspo, Sian's your girl! She provides so much variety and definitely worth checking out.

Website: https://www.sianvictoria.com/

Instagrams: Sian Victoria & Sian Victoria Travels

2. Stephie Kent - Stephie focuses mainly on fashion and style and provides some really great tips. Aswell as fashion and style, she also shares her skin care and beauty loves alongside some stunning pictures on her Instagram and blog. We really look up to Stephie, she's such a positive person, she always engages with her audience and is just overall a lovely girl which makes us enjoy her content even more. One of her most recent posts explains how she copes with working from home during this lock down and shares some top tips to help others so if you're struggling, we definitely recommend giving that a read. You can find that post below on her website and be sure to check out her other stuff too, you will not be disappointed.

Website: https://stephanieloves.blog/

Instagram: Stephie Kent

3. Life of Luce - As well as being a PR and digital marketer, Luce also loves to blog all things fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel, fitness and food. I think it's fair to say there is something for everyone to enjoy over on Luce's blog. As well as all these categories, there's a section on her website called 'Blogging Advice' with many different posts and guidance for if you're looking into becoming a blogger or even if you're just looking for some general advice. There's more great content over on her Instagram also so head over and check it out for yourselves.

Website: https://lifeofluce.com/

Instagram: Life of Luce

4. The Ting Thing - There are quite a few categories that Ting's blog falls under, she loves to write about beauty, entertainment, fashion, food, lifestyle and travel. As well as running her own blog, she also co owns Brum Bloggers on Instagram, another cute page that showcases photos of Birmingham, our bloggers and different events. You can find loads of reviews of plant based food places and different skin care and beauty over on The Ting Thing which we love to read the most. Again, so much variety and we guarantee you will find something that interests you within all of Ting's content.

Website: https://www.thetingthing.com/

Instagram: The Ting Thing & Brum Bloggers

5. Bite Your Brum - Who doesn't love a good food blog? I think we're all guilty of scrolling for ages through food pages on Insta. Laura who is the owner of Bite Your Brum (brilliant play on words btw) not only snaps gorg pics of her food when eating out in Birmingham, but also makes the most amazing looking food and shares the recipes on her socials. Laura has been doing this since 2017 and has managed to bag herself an award winning blog, something to be very proud of and just shows how much hard work she puts into it. If you're a massive foodie like us then you absolutely MUST check out Laura's blog and Instagram.

Website: http://biteyourbrum.com/

Instagram: Bite Your Brum

Thanks for reading, hope this gave you some inspiration. We would love to hear of some of your favourite bloggers too; leave us a comment down below or drop us a message on our Instagram @happyhourthoughts. Stay safe everyone x


Love Ab & Chlo

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