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Social Media Detox

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Social media is such a big part of people's everyday lives, we use it to catch up with loved ones, to catch up on the latest news and events and for some people it's their job, so naturally they have to invest their time into it which is reasonable and I understand that; however, when you're waking up and the first thing you're doing is reaching for your phone or you spend hours and hours a day scrolling through different feeds, it will leave you feeling drained and unsatisfied. Well, this has been my life pretty much since lock down started and it was really starting to get to me how much time I was actually spending on my phone, my screen time was absolutely diabolical and I knew I had to do something about it.

I just want to note that there's nothing wrong with spending time on social media at all, I think it's a good thing for the most part but when it starts to have a bad effect on you your mental health and you're spending every waking moment on it, that's when it becomes a real issue.

So for the past week I've really committed to this whole social media detox thing, I deleted all the apps from my phone, (Instagram and Tik Tok being the hardest ones) I literally spend hours on Tik Tok without even realizing and before you know it the time is 5am and the sun's starting to come up. There has been times throughout the week where I've felt like I'm missing out and I've been tempted to re download everything but I've held myself back because it's honestly not that deep.

It's mad how much I reach for my phone though, I'll put the kettle on and as i'm waiting for it to boil I'll grab my phone and scroll without even thinking or when I'm waiting for my straighteners to heat up, suddenly I've been side tracked and wasted thirty minutes of my time. I realized in these moments when I have the urge to check socials, I am way too dependent on my phone and it's really not healthy.

It's been quite refreshing and it's been a lot easier than I actually anticipated, I've felt a lot more connected to the real world. My motivation is slowly starting to come back and I'm actually getting up early and not feeling overly tired first thing in the morning. One thing that's helped me more than anything is having a to do list for the following day, every night before I go to sleep I grab my "Things To Do" notebook and make a list of tasks I want to complete. They don't have to be big tasks, just things that will make your day a bit better.

Some examples of the things I write down are...

  1. Go for a walk - simple but effective. We mention this a lot in our blog posts but it's only because it truly does help. There's nothing better than getting some fresh air after being cooped up in your house. Morning walks are my fave! I love to put a podcast on and take a walk in nature, it really does put you in a positive mindset for the rest of the day.

  2. Read a book - I usually read whilst I'm having breakfast and just before I go to sleep. Having knowledge from your book as some of your first thoughts rather than a social media status is a lot more powerful than you think.

  3. Make a healthy lunch - This is so important to me, I got so lazy at one point I wasn't eating anything until like 5pm and even then I wasn't having a substantial meal. I'd snack on crisps or make a sandwich and that was me done for the day, whereas now I like to make sure I'm actually cooking something and getting that energy that I need. I always feel so satisfied after a healthy meal too, eating good is a must.

  4. Sort out my wardrobe - I've actually had to do this a few times during this third lock down which is a bit concerning. Online shopping is my weakness and the amount of clothes that I've bought is shocking to be honest. Making room for them is a regular thing now and I've actually learnt to love it and it passes the time. I clear out my clothes so much that I genuinely had to give lots away for free because I couldn't wait for them to sell on Depop, I had no room for them to wait to be sold.

  5. Scripting - This is such a powerful form of manifestation and it really does help you embody the person you want to be. I like to try and do this every morning for 5 to 10 minutes, it's really not time consuming but it helps put you in that positive mindset. The goal is to write down your dreams and ambitions as if you already have them but remembering to be grateful for what you already have. Do you want to manifest money? Describe how it feels when you've got your desired amount and what you're spending it on, feel the emotions that come with it, be as descriptive as you can.

These are just a few examples of the things I like to write in my to do list on a day to day basis, some days I have more tasks and some days I have as little as two but having that sense of organization and being able to tick them off at the end makes me feel like I've accomplished something and that my day has been somewhat productive.

Since doing all of this, my mood has improved significantly and although I will be downloading them again eventually, I'm being more strategic with it and I'll definitely be restricting myself and minimizing the time I spend on social media.

A detox is something I would recommend to anyone who spends an unholy amount of time switching back and forth scrolling through different apps, even if it's just a day or two, you'll notice the difference in yourself and your surroundings. This gives you the opportunity to take back the control of your habits, socials are very addictive and become compulsive and that is what they're designed to do so be mindful, use it sparingly and most importantly be present.

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