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The Button Factory Birmingham; Our Honest Review.

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

On Saturday the 20th of July, we headed down to The Button Factory located in the Jewellery Quarter for their famous bottomless brunch. This included either a two or three course meal with unlimited prosecco for the space of two hours; we decided to go for the starter and the main which came to £30 per person. A lot of people always hype up this place so we decided to give it a try for ourselves.

As you can see, there was a lot to choose from and it seems like the perfect brunch right?

When we arrived, it was very noticeable how busy they were, it felt very cramped and over crowded and we felt a little bit lost as we had no instructions on where to go and what to do. There were several people gathered round by the bar area also unsure of where they were meant to be going.

After around 10/15 minutes of waiting around, somebody finally came up to us and seated us. The staff were actually very friendly and did the best they could considering how rushed off their feet they were, they still remained positive and chatty towards the customers. As soon as we sat down, they topped up our prosecco glasses and gave us mixers to put in the prosecco, one was orange juice and we're really not too sure what the other one was but it didn't smell too great.

It was very clear to us how dis-organised this whole situation was, the staff were trying their best but they were obviously under staffed and because they were rushing round, it made us feel on edge also.

We were sitting down for around 15 minutes before someone else actually came up to us to ask what we wanted, we both went for the hummus and flatbread for the starter and then for our mains we had the skinny benedict and the burger and fries.

The starter came around 20 minutes after we ordered it, to be honest it looked very appetising and we love hummus so we were very excited to try it. It literally had the taste and texture of crunchy peanut butter and tasted nothing like hummus which was a little bit disappointing. There was also far too much hummus and not enough flatbread, there was so much wasted.

After we had finished our starters, we were still very hungry and eager to try our mains, however, after a whole hour of waiting, by the time our mains came out, we had gone past the hungry stage. We were filled up on prosecco and just wanted to go home basically.

Abbi had the skinny benedict which included sweet potato, smashed avocado and poached eggs and by the look on her face, it was definitely not worth the hour wait.

I stayed basic and went for the burger and fries which to be honest, wasn't too bad. I would have enjoyed it more if I was actually hungry and not filled with prosecco and the weird peanut butter tasting hummus thing.

Abbi ended up leaving the majority of her food which resulted in her picking off my plate.

It's fair to say that we felt very let down especially since we were looking forward to this for so long.

We finally asked for the bill and we just wondered how they justified charging the prices that they did for what you received. The prosecco alone cost us £30 and in no way did we have that much.

They also didn't make it clear that the £10 booking fee doesn't come off your final bill (which happens in most other companies). There was a £6 service charge which wasn't required but of course we left the tip as the staff 100% deserved it.

To conclude, we most definitely will not be going back for their brunch anytime soon. We would possibly go back on a hot sunny weekday for a cocktail or two if the terrace was open as it was closed off when we went.

This is just our opinion, it's really not our cup of tea but it seems very popular with a lot of other people. I just think we expected far much more because of other brunch experiences in the past that were cheaper and just a lot more organised.

See you soon with another post!

Love Ab & Chlo x


Disclaimer: This was just our personal experience, no hate towards The Button Factory, if you want to check them out you can find all details on their website www.thebuttonfactorybirmingham.co.uk

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