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Why It's Okay To Be Clueless in Your 20's.

If you're reading this, you're probably feeling lost and have no clue what you're doing with your life or even where to start and you're constantly telling yourself you need to get your life together. Snap. It genuinely keeps me up at night sometimes, the anxiety that comes with it can be terrifying. There are so many set expectations paned out from the minute we start growing up, you hear the stories from family members who have grown old with the love of their life they met at 21, or the self-made entrepreneur who had their own company at 25. Not only this, but having social media in our faces showing us the likes of The Kardashians and supermodels leaves us questioning whether we are truly succeeding in our prime years.

During times like this when i'm just stuck at home doing absolutely nothing with my life, it really does get to me and I start to panic about my future and I feel like I'm getting too old to do certain things or learn a new skill which is completely ridiculous. I am 24 and I still don't know what I want to do with myself and yes it worries me but I have learned to accept it. Kinda.

I think it stems from being 16 years old at school and practically having to decide what you want to do for the rest of your life at such a young and vulnerable age. I picked a subject I had no real interest in and wasted a year of my life studying it before dropping out and getting a job in retail. "I'll figure it out" said 17 year old me, yet here I am 7 years later still unsure of what I actually want to do. I've tried many different things and I have found things I enjoy but trying to make a career out of your hobbies proves quite difficult.

Making my own money at the age of 17 excited me and ever since then I've just had different retail and bar jobs and got too comfortable but I don't want to be in that field for the rest of my life, therefore I sometimes feel like I'm stuck in a rut.

When you think of someone in their mid 20's, you think that they're supposed to have everything put together; perfect job, partner, own house, car and some cases even kids and marriage. I definitely thought those things when I was a child, I really thought that as soon as you hit 20 you will have your life figured out. Sometimes I get into the habit of comparing myself to those people my age and even younger who have all of the above and I think what am I doing wrong? What's the key to their success? When did everyone feel more "grown up" than me? but there's no specific age for any of these things, they will come into your life when your time is right, we need to stop the comparisons and chasing after goals that are set according to other people's success and achievements.

I have to say though, for the most part, I've learnt to be okay with it and you should too. Life isn't a race and we should not be expected to know it all in our 20's. Worrying about the future only creates anxiety and stress which takes away all the beauty of right now. I have so much to be grateful for, I'm lucky enough to actually have a job in this pandemic, I have the most amazing family and friends who I love so much, I have a roof over my head, food and water; I'm doing just fine and these are the things I need to remember when I'm overthinking my current situation.

I'm slowly learning to accept the fact that what's meant for me will find its way to me one way or another. Everyone's path is unique and that's what we need to plant in our minds, not all of us are gonna have our shit together and that's okay. Do things that make you happy, be kind to yourself and others, practice gratitude, spread love xo

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