Happy Hour Thoughts blog is designed to cover many different areas of interest including travel, food, beauty, lifestyle, mental health and more recently fashion.

We particularly enjoy indulging in nice food and have spent quite a lot of our time trying out new restaurants and bars up and down the country and giving our honest opinions.

We are always keen on trying new products to enhance our daily life. We've worked with companies involved in skincare, nutrition and health and have thoroughly enjoyed being more engaged in health and well being more than we thought we would.

We're very grateful to have worked with some amazing brands and agencies and we're looking to expand that. We are always open to trying new brands and promoting them onto our platform so if you're interested in collaborating with us, feel free to drop us an email at info@happyhourthoughtsblog.com


Brands and Agencies we have worked with...

  • Bee Influence UK

  • Dash Liverpool

  • Mason's Liverpool

  • Birdies Bar & BBQ Birmingham

  • The Floodgate Birmingham

  • Skincare Academy

  • Pewter Hooter London

  • Pure Chimp

  • Arch Clothing

  • Liyu Skin

  • Aurora Leighton

  • Alison Courses

  • Thrive CBD

  • Smile Now

  • HighKind CBD

  • Amphora  

and many more....